Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Learn Like a Pirate----Chapter 3: The P {Peer Collaboration}

Image result for learn like a pirateIn this chapter, Solarz gives a few strategies for dealing with conflict.  These strategies are intended to be taught as situations occur to allow students to learn to manage future conflicts without the teachers help. 

This is the first of the 21st century competencies "COLLABORATION" and arguable the most important.  

Questions asked by the author to consider while reading the chapter, please respond to some or all of these as a reply to this post:

  • What is the purpose of giving students the power to interrupt the class when necessary? (my favorite idea so far! I have a quiet signal of give me one, the students clap once and look at the speaker, after implementing the idea of the students also having this control the students felt empowered to ask questions, share ideas, and ask the class to turn down their volume in order to have a better thinking space.)

  • Why is it important for teachers to make a conscious effort to provide opportunities for students to lean the class?
  • How do you encourage active leadership in your classroom? Passive leadership?
  • Do you use Classroom Meeting to discuss life skills or classroom concerns? Describe how you would or already do, do that?
  • Why is ti important in a collaborative classroom to "level the playing field" so all students see on another as equals?
  • How do you teach your students empathy?
  • Why is it important to minimize competition in a collaborative classroom? How can you include competition carefully and meaningfully?

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