Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Learn Like a Pirate----Chapter 4:The I *Improvement Focus Vs. Grade focus*

While reading this chapter I think that the 21st Century competency that is most used for this concept is Knowledge Construction. Students are required to focus on improving and learning more rather than their grades. 
Questions to consider for this chapter:
How often do you give specific feedback to your students?

During which activities can you begin to offer regular feedback to your students?

How can you teach your students to be more focused on improvement and revision rather than completion and grades? 

How can you increase your students' intrinsic motivation so they don't rely on grades for extrinsic motivation?

How can you change the mindset of students who believe grades are their reward for hard work?

How can you enlist the services of your students to provide meaningful, constructive feedback? 

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