Monday, November 7, 2016

What can you expect from beginning this journey of teaching your students to "Learn like a pirate"?

“Learn Like a PIRATE” is kind of a How-To guide for creating a student-led classroom. Although I teach 5th grade, teachers from kindergarten through college can implement aspects of the book in their classrooms! It’s really about empowering your students to collaborate with each other and lead the classroom so the teacher is freed up to observe, provide meaningful feedback, and help students grow!

It is my hope and that of the authors that “Learn Like a PIRATE” will inspire teachers to give their students more voice in the classroom and allow them to take on more responsibilities. The hope is that teachers plan lessons that are active and meaningful to students so that they develop a love for learning that carries them through life. The end goal is that when students leave a "learn like a PIRATE" classroom, they apply their knowledge, skills, and beliefs independently, whenever needed as they further their education and move onto adulthood

By doing this Book study you will gain the tools to help grow the future, leaders that our schools, communities, country and world deserves!

Inside the book, teachers learn strategies for:
  • ·        Crafting active, relevant, and meaningful lessons
  • ·        Creating opportunities for student leadership
  • ·        Providing effective and beneficial feedback
  • ·        Instilling confidence so students can take risks
  • ·        Increasing curiosity and passion for learning

The book is broken down into six main chapters using the PIRATE acronym:

·        P: Peer Collaboration builds community and        supports teamwork and cooperation.
·        I: Improvement-focused learning challenges students    to constantly strive to be their best.
        R: Responsibility for daily tasks builds ownership in                                                                                  the classroom.
·                                                                                                      A: Active learning turns boring lessons into fun and                                                                              memorable experiences.
·                                                                                                     T: Twenty-first century skills engage students now                                                                            and prepare them for their futures.
·                                                                                                    E: Empowerment allows students to become                                                                    confident risk-takers who make bold decisions.

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