Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Learn Like a Pirate---Chapter 8: The E ~Empowerment~

I think this chapter is so awesome! My students have done similar things to passion projects I've just called them free choice research.  They love them.  I am excited to implement the passion projects and have students sign up to give mini lessons.  Such a great idea!

Please answer the questions below as a response!
  • Will you give your students the power to interrupt the class at all times, or will there be some limitations on their power? 
  • What are your expectations for the rest of the class when one student is attempting to give a direction? What feedback will you provide to those who don't show respect for the leader? 
  • What feedback will you provide to students who attempt to lead the class, but make mistakes, abuse their power, or monopolize the leadership opportunities?
  • What are your plans for the first day of school to ensure your classroom becomes collaborative and student-led?
  • If you aren't already, how do you plan to implement passion Time, Genius hour, or another form of student-choice learning into your schedule?
  • If your school doesn't already have a maker space for students to build, design and create (how awesome would that be?! Does this really exist?!!) how might you incorporate those tactile activities into your classroom? 
  • What are you foundational beliefs regarding the various ways you can empower your students? (I hope that after reading this book your foundational beliefs have shifted! always leave room for a mindshift and self-reflection on how to improve our craft)

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