Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Learn Like a Pirate---Chapter 6: The A *Active Learning*

This chapter gives great ideas for facilitation the knowledge construction 21st century competency.

Respond to these questions as you read the chapter:
  1. What learning activities could you make more student-led?
  2. Where might you identify opportunities in your curriculum to include debates, simulations, or projects where you currently don't have any?
  3. During  which activities can you envision getting your students out of their seats and working around the room collaboratively?
  4. Active learning takes time. Often , teachers assign things like Science Fair projects as homework, impacting  parents. How can yo integrate active learning experiences into your classroom so students don't have to do much, if anything at home? 
  5. How can you transfer some of the responsibility for content acquisition (research or otherwise)to your students?
  6. Could Project-Based Learning (PBL) make a positive impact on engagement and motivation in your classroom? Describe one area of your curriculum where you can integrate PBL..
  7. What project or task do your students currently do in your class that you can upgrade with some technology tools to encourage more collaboration, revision, or creativity.?

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